Thursday, 5 March 2015

Trip Photos

Lots of great photos from the trip have been added to the school website gallery - here is a direct link

Monday, 23 February 2015


What a great last day on the slopes in Austria. 

The sun was out again to make for pleasant skiing conditions - but the resort is now in desperate need of some fresh white stuff!! 

All groups have progressed so much over the last 6 days and Steve, Jacob and Susana, our instructors were most impressed with the behaviour, effort and application of the Idsall ski team 2015!

With both of our Czec Republic instructors making the long drive back home, it was down to the 'crafty cockney' Steve to present the ski awards to the group. 

Tomorrow we start our journey home and before our flight departure the group will have time to explore the delights of Salzburg. 

See you all tomorrow!   

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The best day so far! 

The early haze soon lifted in the morning and left a beautiful clear, crisp and sunny day. 

The advanced group took the short ski bus journey over to Aineck and made the most of the long, wide red runs and excellent conditions. 

The beginners groups continued to progress on the blue runs above St Michael im Lungau and dropped over into the village of Maunterndorf. 

Tomorrow promises more sunshine and all groups will head for a day at Aineck followed by curling.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday - Pancake Day

Last night's picture quiz (thanks to Mr Shimmons) was a great success and won by the Staff Team - but we were disqualified for some technical reason - I think it may be because we have a combined age of 400+...

Skiing today:  the advanced group took on two new recruits today and went off on the bus to the neighbouring resort of Aineck with their instructor and had plenty of fun and challenging runs to attempt.  They are back for more tomorrow.

The intermediate group continued to make great progress and ski all over the resort area of Speiereck - ending the day with a fun time trial through a slalom course.

The beginners split into two smaller groups for a few hours with two instructors to help them to gain in confidence through the afternoon.  Six brave souls went from the very top (2400m) and taking their time, managed to successfully return to the bottom of the slope unharmed and proud of their achievements.  Despite their best efforts they didn't quite manage to run Mr Crichton over - completely!
Beginners - take it from the top...

We started here...

Fish and chips for tea followed by a Games Night expertly organised by Mr Lowe.  4 'checking groups' competing for the title again this year.  Table tennis, table football, Twister, 21s, Uno, Scattergories, Jenga and 'coin football' - all made for a great competition.  Results - coming soon.

(I have added a few photos to earlier posts now.)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Ski Monday

Sunday night concluded with a town trail and orienteering task around the beautiful alpine streets  of St. Michael im Lungau. Everyone was ready for their beds on their return and a good nights sleep was a super way to finish an exciting first day on the slopes. 

Today's weather was an improvement on yesterday and all groups benefited from this, finding it easier to read the conditions under the slippy sticks attached to their feet!! 

The beginners group made the most significant progress and even had a go on some small rails - much to the amusement of Mr Lowe who managed to capture on camera some excellent face plants and bum slides! 

The advanced group was put through their paces with multiple runs from the highest point in the region; performing carving turns and attempting to ski in reverse!! 

The intermediate group also completed the route down from Speiereck (2,411m) showing good control and increasing speed as they gained more confidence. 

Apres 'lunch'...

Tonight is the famous 'Shimmons picture quiz' - Brains engaged and pens at the ready!...

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Day 1 and 2 (Saturday and Sunday)

The journey from school to the resort went well.  We arrived in good time in Manchester and negotiated the security checks with little fuss - but a long queue.  The flight left on time and with a good tail wind we arrived in Salzburg 20 minutes early.  Onward to the hotel and straight in for tea - then bed! :-)

Up early at 6.30 for an early breakfast and then on to the 'ski fit' at a local sport shop.  The instructors arrived to meet the students at 9:30 and up we all went on the gondola for the first day of skiing.
Mr Lowe's checking group

Mr Crichton's checking group

Mrs Shimmon's checking group

Mrs DeVille's checking group

The more advanced group set off for a day of skiing and after a ski through fog settled down to a fun day of skiing.

The rest of the students split into two groups and spent the day on the 'nursery slopes' to get their ski legs.  All made really good progress and persevered to the end of the day.  The instructors complimented them all on their hard work and excellent attitude.

Sorry - no photos tonight - due to technical problems...  hopefully photos tomorrow!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Parental Briefing on 3rd February 2015

Parents and students have received a letter regarding a final trip briefing to be held on Thursday 3rd February at 6.00 pm in the Main Hall.

The meeting is to discuss the final arrangements and the collection of Passports, EHIC cards, and id photographs.  It is necessary for every pupil to be present and for a parent or guardian to be with them.